Monday, March 7, 2011

Line, Texture, Value, Rhythm!

During the course of the 5th Six Weeks, we will be doing a study over LINE. TEXTURE. VALUE. RHYTHM.

Each of these elements have a deep connection with each ART discipline as well as the NATURE around us.

LINES have to do with visually appealing pieces as well as the "flow" of a performance piece such as the way a dance piece carries through from beginning to end, a play's flow of dialogue & conflict, a music pieces story, or the lines on a visual piece.

TEXTURE has to do with the quality of the piece pertaining to the senses. Particularly the sense of touch but also the way the piece resonates within your ears or eyes.

VALUE has to do with the depth of the piece and how deeply you perceive it.

RHYTHM has to do with the beat or feel that the piece leaves you with. For example the speed and, flow, and beat of a dance or music.