In the early days, Elements of the Arts E.A. was a required course for all Booker T. students which was facilitated by a multi-member heterogeneous discipline faculty.  The course explored Paul Baker’s teaching philosophy and education course “The Integration of Abilities.”
New Works is a derivative of E.A. that has been extended to include technology for 21st century learning and kinesthetic for physical education while earning PE credit.
Course Description
New Works curriculum  will creatively explore interactions between the Arts, Academia, and Multi-Media Technology through visual, auditory and kinesthetic original work such as installations, performances and other mediums.
Content emphasis will be on Paul Baker’s ten elements of the Arts space, movement, color, silhouette, line, sound, silence, rhythm, shape, and texture. Each element of form will be introduced, investigated, and explored through various disciplines depending on each faculties design.
All students will rotate classes with participating faculty exploring topics from different points of view.
In addition the course will create a climate conducive to best learning practices by insisting on school’s traditions, history, spirit, pride, and integrity.
Examples could include pride in apparel and behavioral choices, public social habits and conduct.
The class assignments can be experienced or executed in groups or individually as instructed by faculty. 
Examples include examining how one approaches enrichment and growth, defining one's own personal "creative landscape" (the space from where one's entire creative process originates).